We would love to have you in our next workshop!

To make sure this workshop is the right fit your you, you should be open to:

  • New ideas and ways to approach difficult moments

  • Believe that things can change

  • Inner Curiosity - To know yourself, accept yourself, learn what you need to thrive as a parent, and explore how to do it

  • Be willing to accept imperfections and mistakes as learning opportunities

  • Desire to grow as a parent

  • Be willing to start letting go of thoughts/beliefs/unconscious habits that are not serving you and your child

  • Want to live with less stress and more joy

  • Be willing to show up as yourself for yourself

  • Understand that when you learn new ways of approaching life, your child does too

All parents are welcome, but this workshop focuses on the common challenges and obstacles parents of children with autism, ADD/ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental disorders encounter. 

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