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The Challenge will take place from  23-27 May, at 20:00 every evening (Dublin Time, you can check the time in your timezone here). Replay is available. 

Day 1 - How to evaluate your cat’s mental health? How to recognise signs of stress?

Day 2 - Causes of stress and anxiety? Why do “behavioural problems” happen?

Day 3 - Origin of cats: what does cats' evolutionary history “self-domestication” tell us about cats' mental health needs?

Day 4 - How to improve cats’ mental health in a domestic setting, foster setting, shelter setting, and community (feral) setting?

Day 5 - Case studies: participants will be selected to get their cases featured. Alice will help them with their cases live.

Bonus: Surprise backstage Zoom call to chat with Alice - details will be announced during the challenge 

You will also get an opportunity to join the VICP package (Very Important Cat Person) to get all the learning materials to help to regularly assess your cat's mental health.

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