Ruffle/RARA Pieces Waitlist

Hallooo - YES, this is where you need to drop your email to be on the waitlist for a custom Kablooie ruffled tiered dress, or as I love to call them, a RARA skirt.  These are currently only offered to Kablooie VIPs via my Facebook VIP group or my email subscribers (on my normal mailing list). I am still finalising pricing and sizing information after launching this style at the Ravishing Fashionistas Spring Show, but I will email you this info for your consideration when it's available.

I offer just a handful of spots most weeks - if your name is next on the list, I will contact you via the email you sign up with here to offer you a spot.  PLEASE if possible, add to your contact list so I'm less likely to bounce or go to spam when I get in touch about your piece.  

When your piece is complete, your name will be removed from this list, and you'll need to re subscribe if you want a second piece.  Thank you so much. Please feel free to email me with any questions you have.