This form isn't special.

It's just where you sign up for my SUPERHERO CREATORS GROUP so I can keep you in my database in case you're interested in doing group promos.

It's intentionally boring because we really only want people who really want to grow. In our first cool promo we got everyone 600 email subscribers and made a comic anthology, so that was rad. But you have to bring the rad with you.

So join my group, and occasionally if there's a cool growth opportunity I'll let you know.

It'll be weekly at first--to make sure you've got everything I have to share--and then I'll drop down to like...monthly. I run out of resources to share with you eventually, basically.

But as I find them, I'll share, and you'll ALSO get free marketing pdfs and all that jazz, especially if you write/draw comics or superheroes.

Sign up for the database below: