The Four Noble Truths -- free email course

If you’re curious about Buddhism and want to start with the basics, then you’re in the right place! The Four Noble Truths are the first thing the Buddha taught, and 2,500 years later they’re still the basis for all the different schools of Buddhism around the world. In this free email course, we’ll start with the story of the Buddha’s own enlightenment (which is really the story of each of us), and then we’ll go through the Four Noble Truths one by one: the truth of suffering, why we suffer, that it’s possible to wake up completely from suffering, and the truth of the Noble Eightfold Path to awakening.

The basic message of the Buddha is that each of us is a radiant being, but we’ve forgotten our true nature. And these days, when we’re more distracted than ever and life moves so quickly, we all need these tools that can help us slow down, live more mindfully, and wake up to who we really are.