Thank you so much for listening in as Angie Baughman and I discussed protecting our hearts from distress through resting. It can be challenging to have confidence and trust in God when our lives have been so shaken. 

I want to invite you into a guided prayer/meditation, "Ignite the Holy Spirit", that has been SO helpful for me to connect to God by remembering and receiving His promise of the Holy Spirit. Connecting this deeply with God can allow us to finally experience the rest we need. 

This resource is best accessed on a larger device if possible but will work on any device. A simple swipe from right to left (or a click) on your screen will get you from one page to the next!

Thank you for letting me serve you in this way, and I am SO grateful we do not have to run this race alone❤️!

Running with Aim, 

Halee Wood

Run the Race Together