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This special BETA course is designed for second, third, forth time mummas who have had a previous traumatic birth experience and want something different.

  • Maybe you didn't feel listened to during your pregnancy and birth
  • Maybe you were not told what your choices were for your birthing journey.
  • Maybe your birth partner wasn't sure how to support you fully.

This coaching package is for you if you are interested in going on a bespoke journey with me in and other pregnant mummas to move out of fear into an empowered birth.

Looking for 4 women to work with me from September onwards. 

Embody Your Birth Is a bespoke Birth Preparation package for you to explore your pregnancy and prepare for your birthing journey. It's an online which can also Include your birth partner too. 

You receive: 

  • Four 2 hour  sessions which will cover topics such as: Why birth works, Your body knows the score, birth physiology, Ddebrief your previous birth including water ritual to reflect, release and renew, the power of words. exploring birth affirmations why they work, finding the ones that support you most. the language around birth and why it's important in pregnancy and the birth space. Bespoke Birth Preferences session. What are your options? Pain relief options. Comfort techniques for a optimal birthing experience. A special session for you and your birth partner to explore different supportive techniques and discovering the power of finding your groove. 
  •  What's app Support during the duration of the course. You have access to your own personal doula to ask any other questions and share your experiences and journey with the other pregnant mummas.

I believe an empowered birth is one where the women is at the heart of the decision making process. I will hold space for this and meet you where you are NOW and guide you so you are READY emotionally, practically and spiritually to meet your baby. I look forward to sharing this important journey with you.

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