Let's get to know each other.

Like a good friend and a warm cup of coffee, tea (or if you love chocolate, like me!, then make it a hot chocolate/cocoa, please), let's get to know each other. 

You may have bumped into me online somewhere at some platform, uh who can remember where (am I right?) but you clicked this button to explore what in the heck I do! LOVE the curiosity AND it is so welcome, my maybe new friend. That's still up to you, of course. 

This is a bit creepy sounding but what can I say I've got this one shot. And you could disappear right about now...so....if you will allow me to say this last thing...

Here is the deal, you don't have time to waste and we have a lot of options (emphasis on A LOT) out there. This may be an option for you or not. But if you clicked because you want a bit more talk or discussion on: 

* how to be a total (BAD A**) expression of who you truly are,

* add some self-love to the mix, 

* follow your heart (intuition/gut feelings) more,

* and maybe have a giggle with me every now and then, well you are in the RIGHT place.  

I also interview women from time to time on my podcast. I ask them how they did that thing they did which meant they suspended for a moment with reality and followed their hearts! Oh how I love those type of stories. Do you, too? 

PS. I try to keep it neat & tidy with this newsletter. I will send one every week. You know, I care about our new connection but I don't want to be too "clingy". :-) See you soon!



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