Join the Whole Body, Whole Heart Challenge

June 22-26th, 2020

It's time for you to get moving safely, build strength, relieve tension and connect to your body and soul's deep support system.  If you feel achy and sore most days, your body needs this. 

Your muscles do some amazing stuff to support you after pregnancy (5 weeks or 10 years after childbirth, we all gotta start with the same stuff).  Kudos to them, and it's time to teach them how you want them to support you now.  So you feel great and can get strong for all that  momming in front of you.

 Whole Body Whole Heart will get you started and at the same give you practice at creating space for YOU in your life.  

You're super important, your kids need you, taking time for this is not selfish.  

Show up and notice what a difference 20 minutes can make.