High School Sports Performance

Hi, I am a private Physical Preparation Coach and this is my FREE Newsletter for the all High School Sport Coaches!

My goal for this newsletter is to help coaches like yourself gain a greater insight on how to strengthen your understanding of Sport Performance so that you can help create Stronger, Faster, and Healthier Athletes that take the field/court.

These types of emails will not be limited to just weight room advice and tips, however they will go beyond to speed training, recovery, nutrition, hydration, team conditioning, practicing tips, and all things sport performance.

These tips will be suitable for all sports, so all types of coaches can benefit from them. If a certain piece of advice isn't applicable to a particular sport, I will make a note in the email to not mislead any coaches.

I'm only one coach who runs a small private facility and I can only handle so many athletes and clients at a time. I'd love to train all of them but the reality is I can't. I've been coaching for over 10 years now and my goal is to help make a bigger impact in the high school communities and to help be a valuable resource for coaches you navigate the complexities of Sport Performance! 

If I can achieve helping more sport coaches, I can help more athletes!

I'll answer many hard questions like...

  • "Should we strength train In-Season?"
  • "How should we be conditioning our athletes?"
  • "How can I help my athletes recover from games and practice better?"

I will be breaking down complicated topics by making them simple and easy to understand so that you can implement them in to real world application!

If your school already has a Strength Coach on staff, that is fantastic, and I'm certainly not looking to step on anyone's toes. I'm looking to add value on top of that. And like I said, I will be providing advice well beyond the weight room itself! You can take from the emails what they like, and discard information that doesn't apply to you.

Not only will this help you feel more confident in this area and ultimately make your life easier, but this will directly impact the student athletes experience! And at the end of the day, my passion is helping out the athletes who are the recipients of the training and preparation!

Allow me to help you to help your athletes in the world of sport performance.

I'd also like add a few details about these emails that I'll be sending...

  • I will only be sending out 1-2 emails per month at the very most
    • No SPAM
  • Emails will be on average 2-5 minutes read time
    • Most will be shorter than this email, I respect your time
  • I will be open to accepting questions to each email
    • You can reply directly to me for any additional help specific to their challenges

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