Application For Club Membership

Interested in Joining the Millionaires Club?

Membership is free to qualified members.

If you qualify for membership as described in the terms, conditions and definitions stated below, by entering your name and email you are confirming that you have #1 Read the required qualifications listed below #2) You meet these requirements and #3) You agree to adhere by them.

According to the Millionaire’s Club’s acceptable definition of a Millionaire, I hereby declare by this factual affidavit that I personally qualify as a Millionaire under the following ‘one rule’ requirement of the Millionaire’s Club.

I declare and affirm my personal net worth ‘today’ (at the time of joining The Millionaire's Club) is equal to, or, more than, one million US dollars.

I understand that my acceptance into this exclusive club is based solely on this affidavit being a true and factual statement, and that I have reached my personal financial goal of having a net worth of $1,000,000.00.

I also understand that my acceptance into this exclusive club has no other requirement for its members, and my membership is based solely on the fact that I have reached my own personal financial milestone, and that I presently have a net worth equal too or more than this milestone of a one million dollar net worth.

If I am found to be making a false statement, I understand, and I agree to forfeit my membership status with no legal recourse and I agree to remove, delete, and/or return any endorsements or verification logos, or seals, provided by the Millionaires Club stating my membership or endorsement by the Millionaire’s Club. I understand there is no fee for membership in the Millionaire's Club.