15 Tiny Tasks to Start your HR Consultancy Business

Welcome to the 15 Tiny Tasks to Start your HR Consultancy Business series.

Just fill in your details and you will receive a daily email for the next 15 days with one tiny task to be completed to move you closer to being ready to start your HR Consultancy business.

This series has been designed to help you to make decisions and take actions to get ready to provide your services as a HR Consultant.  You don't need to  be ready to make the leap to Consultancy right now but it will work best if it is something you are intending to do in the next 6 - 12 months. 

The goal of the tiny tasks series is to help you to make real and significant steps towards turning your dreams into reality but in a way that feels achievable and won't overwhelm you. 

So fill in your details and let's get started! 

Tracey Hopkins 

The HR Consultancy Business School

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