EVERY WOMAN NEEDS THIS - The Kit that helps every woman smash their career after kids.

I've reinvented my career since having kids. However this kit is created so that you won't have to. 

Containing all of the following and so much more. This is the kit that every woman needs to ensure career success before, during and after kids. It includes:

  • My signature formula around how to avoid the motherhood penalty
  • How to choose and assess a great employer
  • Which industries are supporting women
  • When to join a family friendly employer
  • How and where to find a flexible job
  • How to convert your current job to a full flexible one
  • Types of flexibility 
  • How flex works
  • The law in Australia 
  • How to craft a flexibility application
  • How to successfully balance motherhood and a career

We also include bonus content around looking for a new job, including resume, cover letter and LinkedIn.

There will be so much rich content in this course which will help women plan for a valuable career that won't be subjected to the motherhood penalty. Sign up for our waitlist!