I warn you, traveler...real adventures are never easy.

You are about to embark on a journey with me for the sake of a story.

Perhaps you want a comic book character who shoots his author. Or a hypochondriac vs. automated car. Or two crazy scientists setting out to discover just how much stress will actually kill. Or a ridiculously offensive, broken, heartfelt tale about a non-sparkly vampire who's morally allergic to blood. 

But only outcasts are invited here.

Children of forbidden marriages who still believe it's possible to become a superhero. Men who like flowers and women who like guns. Clergy with confessions. Arabic Christians, Chinese Jews, Black libertarians, Catholic liberals--if you've been alone in a crowded room, if you're wrong even when you're right, if you're cast as the villain and you just want to be a hero...welcome.

These stories are for you.