Registration Form

CUT THE B.S CHALLENGE commences Saturday 6 February 2021. Your Fit Stuff CUT THE B.S 6 WEEK CHALLENGE registration payment of $299 must be paid in full on registration to guarantee your place in this year’s challenge.

There is a one-week cooling off period that allows you a full refund from when your payment is made. Your refund can only be issued if we are presented with a medical certificate or in the case of a family emergency. If extensive personal issues arise you will need to consult Nathan Devlin to discuss an option. You are responsible for the completion of all fitness challenges! This year’s challenge does not require you to be a Fit Stuff member to participate in the challenge. We understand some of you are unable to attend the sessions on our timetable or live far from where we operate. We do recommend becoming a Fit Stuff member if possible to assist you further with your results. The Body Analysis Bio Scan testing will be provided by Kyle from Rapid Bio Scan. Fitness testing will also be a major component to this challenge and will operate from a specific location. Our closed Face book page that you will be invited into will be the main driving tool for communication, your live accountability video uploads, discussions and other valuable information. Zoom meetings may also be used through out the challenge if deemed necessary to support and discuss a particular topic or to rally up some team motivation and individual updates.

1. Fit Stuff reserves the right to interpret the rules and, if necessary, to amend the rules at its sole discretion and without notice to the individual competitors. 2. Rule interpretations and all judging decisions are final. 3. All information and materials submitted by entrants into CUT THE B.S CHALLENGE become the sole and exclusive property of Fit Stuff. Entrant’s details will remain confidential and will not be disclosed without written permission. 4. Submission of this entry form into CUT THE B.S CHALLENGE constitutes your acceptance of these rules, regulations, policies and registration.

RESULTS GUARANTEE: If I follow all instructions within CUT THE B.S CHALLENGE guidelines and recommendations, and all instructions provided by the Fit Stuff Coaches and Clean Life Collective Consultancy recommendations and assistance, and experience no physical improvements in one or more of the areas measured during the Challenge, then I will be entitled to a refund on my initial investment. I acknowledge that I must complete all accountability tasks and individual challenges during the challenge period for this guarantee to be valid. CUT THE B.S CHALLENGE commences Saturday 6th February 2021. 


• For judging purposes, participants must actively complete all tasks & individual challenges to their best ability. 

• Participants will be judged on Bio Scan Results, Fitness Testing and overall participation 

• Becoming as actively involved as possible creates a positive mindset and gives you the best opportunity to reach your full potential and to make sure you are achieving your goals 

• There will be one overall female and male champion.