The People-Pleasing Course - Register your interest

A 4-week live educational course, led by Elsie Owen.

Thursday evenings, starting on 29th February 2024 | £350 (most people choose a monthly p
ayment plan to make it doable). 

If you've recognised yourself as a bit (or a lot!) of a people-pleaser for a while now, you might be starting to feel ready to make some changes. 

You might feel fearful about what it might take and unsure about where best to begin. 

This group course is a combination of 1 short, educational teaching each week followed by a weekly group support session. 

Simple psycho-education, personal support from Elsie and the wonderful power of being part of a small group of others who share your experience, will help you make sense of why pleasing others is a default for you, and introduce you to a different way of living. 

This is a purposefully gentle opportunity to begin making small changes that feel doable. Any fear you may feel about challenging your people-pleasing will be welcomed and held with great care and support. 

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