Interested in my 12-week course?

I'm calling it BESPOKE HOGABOOM'S SPECIAL SAUCE, and I'll be taking a select number of students through twelve weeks of awesome business training! The first cohort launches in July 2021. Time to get saving!

In live classes, Discord chat rooms (yes!) and one-on-one coaching sessions we will cover soup-to-nuts of building or strengthening your creative business: mission statement and values, product pricing and operations, finance, marketing and collaborations, competitors and collaborators, customer care models, contingency plans - and authentic, joyful social media presence (one of my strengths)!

At the end of the course you will not only be ready to launch; you'll feel confident, excited, and energized!

Don't worry about subscribing to this list - there's no commitment on your part. This just means you get first look at the course, and first opportunity to sign up. I'll probably send one or two emails a month. You can unsubscribe anytime!

Join me!