My Gift to You

Welcome Miracles in Wellness where we focus on unwrapping your true nature which is love and how to express this more fully by removing the blocks to manifesting more love. This Meditation to Embrace and Expand in Love is a Theta Healing prayer to release ancestral blocks and all which you may have assumed in your life. As we ask for the beliefs to be released as they apply to you, that you realize the beliefs may be present in the subconscious mind and stored there from your ancestors past even though you are unaware of them. Please accept the new downloads and beliefs so that you may be more vibrationally present with love.

The Universe speaks to us in signals which we bring into our awareness. Use your intuition to know the message. Sometimes through trauma, pain, or absence such as a divorce or the death of a loved one, we seek a stronger feeling of connection to who we are. We are seekers wanting to feel and express more love. According to the Course in Miracles, every act no matter how unskillful, is either an act of love or a call for love. Connect to and be present to more of the love that you are. We are all connected in love.