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Hello my fellow mystic, shaman, empath, intuit, spiritual trailblazer!

This is an invitation to join me in exploring what makes us magical, mystical, & beyond explanation. In this space, all that is unseen and all that has been misunderstood is welcome. I'm a Heart Whisperer, a mystic, certified coach & a guide. It is here we can join forces in understanding who we really are and why we are on this Earth together in this pivotal moment in time.

So here's the deal. I will send you emails on the weekly. Most of the time anyway, because I'm unpredictable. It's part of my mystic. ;-)  But when I'm on point, you will  read or hear (I like to voice clip) from me on subjects such as:

Mysticism: Intuitive Arts, Psychic Abilities, Channeling and Mediumship

Cosmic Information: the Planets, Stellar alignments & the Moon

Ancient Rituals: Paganism, Shamanism, Druids, and more

Tools: Tarot & Oracle Cards, Crystals, Runes.

So what I wish for you is to find comfort here, validation of who are & can grow to be, that you feel less alone in your gifts, and that ultimately you feel supported in your life's mission & purpose. <3

Yours truly - Susan

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