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Two adult general admission tickets to the One Of A Kind Winter Show, worth $40! 

The One Of A Kind Show has been pushing and redefining the boundaries of creativity since the Show’s inception in 1975. As the largest and most highly attended craft show in North America, the One Of A Kind Winter Show features the works of 650+ of the most talented artisans from across Canada.

The One Of A Kind Show has helped build a community and a space where creative expressions are valued and celebrated, staying true to the belief that our differences are what make us One Of A Kind—and when we are passionate about what we love, we give ourselves the opportunity to be our most creative selves.

From art to apparel, food to furniture, get ready to discover awe-inspiring pieces—all made in Canada by gifted artisans—to love, cherish and define the unique qualities that make you One Of A Kind. Rather than shifting to fit a mold or an algorithm, One Of A Kind is the opposite, where everything—from the space and programming, to the pieces and products found at the show—is made with intention and aims to celebrate uniqueness and inspire artisans and visitors to stretch their imaginations.

This event will take place November 23 - December 3 at Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place in Toronto, Canada.

Learn more at https://oneofakindshow.com/home/

Enter to win this amazing giveaway by November 20 at midnight!**Tickets are redeemable for entrance any day of the show, and offer free re-entry for the duration of the show. 

Parking is not included.

Giveaway will be for two adult general admissions tickets only.

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