Greenhouse Monthly Membership

Reduced Rate Info + Application

Thanks for your interest in the Greenhouse, an online community and support network for herbal entrepreneurs like yourself!

I'm offering this reduced rate for membership because, frankly, the herbal and cannabis industries are not immune to issues of structural inequality, nor is the world of small business entrepreneurship.

Services and opportunities within these fields are often inaccessible for many people. This despite the fact that historically and currently plants have the medicine of marginalized populations.

So while it falls far short of addressing the root of these larger systemic problems, I'm offering a reduced rate of $25/month (instead of $50) for BIPOC and low-income folks.

Importantly, I do this not because I don't need the money. There are, after all, real costs associated with maintaining and facilitating this space, and female business owners (such as myself) are notoriously undercapitalized. So while I'm more than happy to offer this discount, I ask you to consider the following before signing up at this rate.

Context + Guidance

First a little about me: I am a white, cisgender, able-bodied, neurodivergent, pansexual witch as well as a mother of a willful and highly sensitive seven-year old.

I grew up low-income and was the first in my family to graduate from college. As I had access to need-based scholarships, I have less college debt than most people. Last year (2022) I took home about $20,000 from my business, down signigficantly from previous years as I was dealing with some mental health issues and needed to pull back on work. Combined with my partner’s modest income we use this money to support our daughter and our community, as well as to care for extended family members who are unable to work.

In terms of where this money is going: Maintaining this network costs about $1000/year. After that is paid for, the profits will be used to not only compensate me for the time and energy required to facilitate and teach, but also to pay guest teachers adequately for teaching workshops. Importantly, guest teachers will ideally include many members of the community itself.

In requesting a discount I ask that you consider your racial privilege, relative earning potential, and access to financial support from your family/network, even if you currently have financial need. If you are able to pay the regular rate, I ask that you do so, as these funds allow me to continue offering this work and enable those who cannot pay full price to have access to my offerings, as well as to pay guest teachers a higher fee.

What happens next?

On submitting your application you will be redirected to a checkout page for the reduced rate Greenhouse membership. Please do not share this link with others.

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Is that you? Just not ready to purchase now? No worries -- you'll also receive the link via email.