Struggling to know what to write on your resume? We've got you sorted.

If you're returning to work after Maternity leave or time off to raise children,  it can be hard to know exactly what to write on your resume to explain your time away from the workplace.

So many of my coaching clients have exactly this question.

To help more mums return to work with ease, I've put together this easy to use, ATS (robot) compliant template, for free download.

This template provides a suggested script to use for your career break, which you can edit to suit your own situation.

This template is also:

  • Good looking and elegant;
  • ATS compliant, which means your resume won't be short-listed out by the bots that some larger companies use to shortlist their jobs;
  • It also contains some prompts on what to write on the rest of your resume - meaning you are gaining a complete resource to help you write your resume, even if you are out of practise.

In short, this template will have you sorted for a smooth and easy transition back into the workforce.

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Karen - Founder, Flexible Work Expert