5 Minutes Is Better Than No Minutes Movement Challenge!

It’s time for a September reset - get your body moving and energised in just 5 mins per day!!

Are you ready to feel your absolute best as we head into the Autumn?  Oil those creaky joints and get your body and mind ready to shine in spite of the darker days approaching?

But “I’ve got not time to exercise” you say?

What if I told you you just need 5 minutes?

The “5 Minutes is Better Than No Minutes” Movement Challenge starts on 5th September!

This 5-day event is designed to help you push past the resistance and get you moving every day and on your way to feel confident, energised and free from aches and pains!

You know you need to keep your body moving to banish those aches and pains but there's so much information out there it feels overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.

Starting small is key when you need to push past the internal chatter of resistance - that's why I've created this challenge to be so simple it seems crazy not to do it!

And everyone registered will get lifetime access to all the sessions so you can keep coming back to them over and over again and keep building on the good work you've started.

Even if you are a gym-goer or attend a regular class but then spend the rest of your day sat at the office, in the car or on the sofa, you still have a sedentary lifestyle!

This challenge will start to get you in the habit of taking movement “snack breaks” and giving your body the movement nourishment it needs!

Each day you are going to have access to a short exercise routine suitable for any level.

All you need to do is complete the practice and let us know you have done so in the FB group - easy peasy!

And if you want more, there’s gonna be more - live videos, bonus sessions and maybe some prizes!!

Save your spot now and get access to a quick "movement snack" to get you started right away!