Have tea with dragons.

Hello dear one! It's me, Jen Finelli, MD, the RealRogueDoctor. I've got two secret bonus videos for you.

You're here because you're special. You click things other people don't. You're hungry for the wellness you need to make yourself into the well-oiled machine that changes the world.

(Or maybe you're just interested in finally getting my notifications YouTube keeps hiding from you. = P)

But here's what I can do for you.

See, I'm on a quest to become THE relaxation doctor. You may know I've worked as a sexual assault medical forensic examiner, done time in the military, hiked jungles, swum with sharks, and fought through MDD, PTSD, and other Ds to uncover the SCIENCE behind CHILLING when the world goes to crap. 

I'm here to sing songs around the campfire in the apocalypse.

To take tea-time with dragons.

And you're here because you're baller enough to do that with me.

That means you get:

  • two secret bonus videos
  • the weekly evidence-based relaxation science I'm discovering in my quest
  • ASMR YouTube doesn't notify you about
  • tingly recipes and hot tips for IRL ASMR
  • missions of kindness
  • a gift on your birthday

Where should I send your Tea Time With Dragons?