How Matthew Went From 2 Appointments a Month to 5 Appointments a Week With Personable Conversations

Personable Sales - How to Customize Your Conversation

Are your conversations ending without an appointment set? Tired of getting hung up on? Or yelled at? Let's switch the script and get personable with the conversation!

Matthew Benenson, Inside Sales Agent of Fykes Realty Group, started as an ISA 1 year ago. When he began he was averaging only 2 appointments per month. Through Anna's coaching, he is now setting consistently 5-6 appointments a week. Through these appointments, he sees an average of 5-6 more closings for his team every month. That is over $50k a month in GCI for his team.

On Wednesday, May 5th, Join Anna Krueger and Matthew Benenson (Inside Sales Agent from the Fykes Group) to learn how to customize your conversation!

Anna will be Live Wednesday, May 5th at 4:00 pm ET.

You will learn:
- How to keep the prospect on the phone for more than 60 seconds
- How to customize the conversation to increase your appointments set
- How to find their motivation in a personal way

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