Welcome to Circle School 

I invite you to walk the ancient path of circles with me, in our modern world.

The next Apprenticeship with Circles will open for applications late in Autumn 2022. 

This is a 9-month journey of deepening your connection to your ancestral lineage and cultural heritage, remembering and recovering your myths and stories, being supported to root your circle work in the ancient origins of circles and to create intentional and meaningful circles that meet the needs of your community in today’s troubled world. 

This is an Apprenticeship with the art, craft and skills of holding Circles for those who resonate with our questions: 

How do we create circles of wholeness?

How do we create circles of belonging?

How do our Circles contribute to tending to this troubled world?

More information will be made available nearer the time. Please share your email address if you'd like to be notified and receive full details when the application process opens. 

With gratitude 


If you don't know me, let me share a little about myself: 

Mitlé is a Circle Holder walking the ancient path whilst contributing to a modern movement. The founder of Circle School, she teaches internationally and has facilitated circles, retreats and courses since 2016. She believes in the power of connection, community and circle to provide a path of integrity back to ourselves, and authentic relationship with the more than human world. As a woman of British heritage, Mitle’s circles and courses are deeply rooted in the old Western wisdom traditions and British native mythology. She believes deeply in honouring and healing our ancestral stories, cultivating our mythic imaginations, exploring the archetypes at play in our lives and work, and being claimed by the land we’re on, to support us in address the challenges of our times. As a former lawyer now learning the old ways, Mitlé is committed to increasing her capacity to hold diverse, inclusive and safer spaces for those marginalised by our current systems, whilst seeking ways to fracture those systems. When not in Circle, she spends her time with family and friends, playing in the woods and paddling in the rivers, usually with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other.

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