It’s finally time to stop letting the world keep you down!


The weight of expectation and “shoulds” has been laid on you from so many different sources: 

Society. Your parents. Even your third grade teacher.

But all that Inherited and Societal Guilt has kept you from enjoying your life the way that you deserve!

It has been burying your own heart’s guidance.
It’s time to release that weight so you can tap into your own inner voice.

In this powerful, 3 step process you will:

    • Learn how to Free Yourself from the weight of “shoulds” passed down to you from family and society

    • Find a Deeper sense of what’s important to you and what your personal “shoulds” are.

    • Have a practice that you can use whenever that chatter starts up again. 


    Let’s set you FREE!

    Join the countless clients and members of my community who have felt liberated after working through these simple steps.

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