Please fill in the below details, we will send you payment details once we have received your booking. Bookings are only confirmed once payment has been made.

    By completing the form you certify that your child(ren) is in good health and can participate in the sports camp activities.

    Any medication should be brought along in a sealed, named container, and that you agree to your child(ren) receiving first aid and being taken to hospital.

    Children must be collected on time and any deviation to the person collecting the child must be notified in advance to the Coolsportz manager.

    1. The Data Protection policy (All policies are at the top of the Warwick holiday club page)

    2. I understand that while the staff in charge of the groups will take all reasonable care of the young people, that they cannot necessarily be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered to or by my son/daughter arising during or out of the activity. This applies to all Coolsportz activities.

    3. I certify that my child is in good health and will be only be sent to sessions when they are able to participate in the activities. If they have any medication that they will bring it with them otherwise they will not be allowed to stay with no refund offered.

    4. I grant permission for my child to be given first aid or treatment and if necessary, taken to hospital.

    5. I agree to all the policies attached to the 'Warwick Holiday Club' page, including the cancellation and sun cream policy.

    I give permission for me/my child/ren to be involved in any publicity (including photographs/TV footage). I understand that the pictures or filming may be used for promotional purposes and advertised on websites and in the media.

    If you would like to opt out of the photos, please email after filling in the form, stating this or write in the medical/health/learning condition box.