Free Training: How to build and scale a dream business

From burnout and shutting my business down to over $1, 117, 000 in 14 months while feeling free & aligned. 

During this FREE training, you will learn:

1. What are the myths circulating on social media that are slowing you down massively ( I spent 3 years figuring this out and I wish I knew this earlier)

2. How to grow an engaged audience WHO WANTS TO BUY from you with no ads (this is what many entrepreneurs don't do properly)

3. The 7 things that separate broke & miserable entrepreneurs from happy and profitable biz owners (again, wish I knew this earlier)

4. After this training you will know exactly what to focus on in your business to get aligned clients, every month.

I am fully opening up in this training, sharing EVERYTHING that helped me not only have a financially thriving business but also I created something that makes me feel happy and fulfilled + I have more free time than ever because I no longer have to waste time figuring out what works and what doesn't 


  • coaches
  • consultants
  • service providers: assistants, marketers, designers, etc
  • marketing agency owners
  • individual brands
  • creators
  • healers and guides
  • course creators 

"Ayo, this training gave me so much more clarity than a $5K program that I did a few months ago!" - Kendra (relationship & intimacy coach).