Created To Be Free Mentoring

Ladies Group Q&A Agreement

Created To Be Free Mentoring's Ladies Group Q&A with Lynn & Greg Bruce is a totally free Q&A group for Women (ONLY) who have general Recovery, Restoration & Redemption questions for us. Greg will be in the Group in case you have questions directly for him but if you're uncomfortable for any reason with that it is fine to ask him to leave the meeting.

The Ladies Group is being offered free of charge. However, if you find this time to be helpful in your own healing journey and God puts it on your heart, please consider making a donation at CTBF, Inc., our 501(c)(3) non-profit affiliate. Contributions to CTBF, Inc. ultimately allow us to provide help & hope to others who may not otherwise be able to afford it. Thank you in advance for your donation(s).


The Ladies Group meets via Zoom on Wednesday afternoons from 4:30pm to 5:30pm Pacific time. It is open to all who complete and abide by this agreement. Please do not share the Zoom Link. If you find our Ladies Group helpful and want to share it with others, please share this address with them so they can sign up. The Zoom Link will be sent to your email once you complete this agreement. The Link will be the same every week.


Greg is a Certified Professional Mentor and we are both Subject Matter Experts because we've lived it. We are not state licensed or certified counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, or other licensed medical or helping professionals. While we adhere to a similar code of ethics and conduct, we are not governed by those same state licensing authorities, rules or regulations.

By clicking below you are agreeing to hold harmless Gregory A. Bruce (CTBF Mentoring Founder & Officer), Lynn M. Bruce, our related businesses & ministries or anyone else directly or indirectly involved in the delivery of this Ladies Group experience.

You also agree to release the parties mentioned above from any liability related to any advice or guidance given, directly or indirectly, including their reference to or use of books, courses, curriculum and/or other resources authored by them or others, and from potential or actual outcomes, including separation, divorce, suicide, financial loss, or any criminal activity that might have occurred before, during or after you sought out our help and guidance.


Please be aware that as helping professionals, we adhere to any applicable federal, state and/or local laws that require us to report any current, ongoing criminal activity that we become aware of, including sexual abuse, incest or rape, and the use, possession or distribution of child pornography, or any other criminal offenses currently in progress.


To encourage a high level of trust, authenticity and openness we require all participants in the Ladies Group to adhere to the following guidelines. We reserve the right at our discretion to guide the discussion away from inappropriate comments or topics. If the offending party does not take our guidance and continues their offensive behavior, we will remedy the situation as we see fit, including but not limited to ejecting them from the room, permanently, if necessary.

At the risk of stating the obvious, this is a Ladies Group for women only at all different levels of recovery, hurt & pain, all seeking a safe place to ask their questions. Everyone in attendance deserves to feel safe in the Group. We will do everything in our power to assure this is a safe place for everyone.

With that in mind, you agree to:

  • keep all information shared in the Group confidential. You agree not share any specific matters discussed in the Group with any outside person, including mentioning the information as a prayer request. The exception to this rule would be sharing your own personal interactions in Group with your outside licensed counselor. You understand that breaking confidentiality could result in your Group privileges being revoked.
  • support other group members in their desire to grow emotionally and spiritually.
  • be honest about your thoughts, emotions and questions. You get to feel what you feel and Group should be a safe place to express those feelings.
  • be patient with other Group members.
  • withhold all advice unless specifically asked.
  • not dominate the conversation and allow others to ask their questions.
  • not pressure other members into doing what you think best.
  • inform Greg & Lynn of any physical or emotional problems that might arise through your participation in the Group process.

By checking the box below, you agree to abide by and honor the above Confidentiality and Ladies Group Rules.