Informative Webinar - Asia's Climate Imperative: Preparing for COP28

COP28 is not just another climate conference; it can be THE defining moment for Asia’s climate future. 

πŸ‘©πŸ½β€βš–οΈ The decisions made at this conference will reverberate across the world, especially impacting people and policies for those in the Global South. ✍🏽 Which is why we need to bring our A-game when reporting on the crisis of our time or even following the COP debates.

Join us for an online session where experienced climate advocates will share insights and resources into current climate priorities and challenges - from energy developments, the extent of loss and damage, building climate resilience in emerging economies along with tips and strategies to mobilize climate action.

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πŸ”΅ RENEE KARUNUNGAN, Climate Communicator and Researcher
πŸ”΅ SAM REYNOLDS, Energy Finance Analyst
πŸ”΅ JOY REYES, Climate Justice Lawyer
πŸ”΅ MANKA BEHL, Senior Journalist and COP reporter

Event Details
Tuesday, 21st November, 2023  
⏰ 5pm GMT+8 (Manila time)

This webinar is designed not only for journalists and climate advocates but also for climate activists, policymakers, environmentalists and anyone who wants to learn about COP and opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of what’s at stake.

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